A review of the recent January camp identified some areas for improvement and the need for changes to the camp format. Having managed that change, we believe the new camps offer a more cost effective and enjoyable introduction to aviation that will appeal to a larger number of our Venturer Scouts.

The following explains the changes that have been made with further detail provided in the (attached) April 2019 revision of the Air Venture Information Pack.

Air Venture Introductory Flying Camp

After having run a number of the Air Venture Flying Camps the time had come to review the success of these camps in achieving our Scouting goals. These goals being to:

  • Have fun and make new friends
  • Experience, first hand, the achievement, the challenges and the responsibilities articulated in the Scout Law and demanded of aviators.
  • Contribute substantially to the mental, physical and social development of our Venturer Scouts
  • Experience another sport, hobby or future career
  • Develop a new skill in learning to fly an aeroplane

To achieve these goals previous camps were designed to teach Venturers, with a passion for aviation, to fly. To this end, the week-long camp included 8 hours of hands-on flying training plus five afternoons in the classroom doing the CASA Recreational Pilot’s License theory course. Although this has worked well for the very keen students, it was found to overwhelm those without a substantial prior or real interest in aviation. Most importantly, we want to ensure both parents and students receive maximum value from the camps.

With the review now complete, the good news is that starting with the July 2019 flying camps will start as planned on Sunday, 14th July. However, there have been some significant changes to the structure, content and pricing of the camps as described in the latest Air Venture Information Pack (attached).

As a quick summary, the features and changes to the July ’19 (and future) camps are as follows:


  • Residential Camp – fully catered including all meals, drinks and snacks
  • All practical and theory training conducted by professional Altocap/Scout flight instructors
  • Individual student pre and post flight briefings
  • Group afternoon/evening pre-flight briefings – to articulate the following day’s flying training activities and goals
  • Visits to local on-field aviation businesses/organisations and facilities
  • Evening after dinner Guest Speakers
  • Pilot’s Log book – supplied
  • CASA ARN – required
  • CASA Basic Class 2 Medical – required


  • New Name: Air Venture Introductory Flying Camp
  • Price – reduced to $1675 for Scouts/Guides Australia members
  • Dates – Sunday 14th July to Wednesday 17th July inclusive
  • Flying – 5 hours hands on flying training over 3 days (Monday to Wednesday)
  • Number of Participants – max. 6 students across 3 aircraft
  • RPL Course – not being run
  • Student pilot kit – not required

By removing the need for intensive study both before and during the camp, the new camp format will allow students the opportunity to learn many of the hands on skills required to pilot an aeroplane in a fun and relaxed environment without the pressure of sitting exams.

Yes, this is a cut down version of the previous Scout Air Venture Flying Camp. Hopefully however, you will agree that it remains value for money and that it provides a more enjoyable and less stressful learning environment to that of previous camps. Limiting the medical certificate requirement to the CASA Basic Class 2 (Austroads medical assessment by family GP) and removing the need for a full set of RPL text books further reduces the cost and complexity of attending the camp.

With the reduced cost, the camp may now be within reach of more families and so allow more Venturers to ‘dip their toes into the water’ and experience the thrill of flight at a reduced cost.

The camp provides a ‘learn to fly’ experience after which students can decide whether they would like to further their flying training.

Those wishing to continue are welcome and encouraged to do so as Scout members. Both hands on flying and theory training can continue seamlessly in the same aircraft and with the same instructors as during the camp. Depending on demand, future Air Venture ‘RPL’ Flying Camps may be revived on an annual basis specifically for graduates of the new Air Venture Introductory Flying Camps. Hours flown at the Introductory Camp will be recorded in students’ Pilot Log Books and verified as hours already flown.

If you have ever considered wanting to know what it is like to fly an aircraft, have fun, challenge yourself and make new like minded friends, this Camp should be on your ‘bucket list’.

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