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The Activity days are your opportunity to be part of the action in experience that your group will remember for a lifetime. These are a full day activity which commences at 8:30am and depending on the number of visitors on the day will finish at around 3pm.

Following a flag parade and safety brief your action packed day will begin.

Our volunteer team of activity leaders run engaging, entertaining and educational programmes tailored for the different age groups.

Activities include:

Badge Courses

Members are introduced to the exciting world of aviation. Courses are tailored to each age group and include aspects such as aeroplane components, the phonetic alphabet, the 24‐hour clock and aircraft identification.

Aerodrome Walk
Step onto the active side of Camden airport where all the action happens. Our ground crew will guide you past the control tower, taxi‐ways, aeroplane hangars and the refuelling station.

Activity Flight
Collect your boarding pass and take‐off in one of Scouts Australia’s own aeroplanes. With your own headset, each passenger can listen to the pilot as they communicate with the control tower. The flight will take you on a scenic journey way above the surrounding landscape.

Bring your own picnic lunch for the day and feel free to use the BBQ facilities provided.

The Badge Courses are tailored for the different age groups. During the day, the participants will take part in activities related to aviation with an emphasis on safety.

The program includes a flight in one of the Scouts own Cessna 172 aircraft usually to Warragamba Dam and return- a trip that takes approximately 25 minutes.

The Cost of the day are listed below.

Joey Fun Day: $70.00 per person

Cub Badge Course: $70.00 per person (+$7.50 per Cub for a glider built during the course)

Scout Badge Course: $70.00 per person

Girl Guide Activity Days: $70.00 per person

Parents, Siblings and Friends are invited to participate in the badge days at a cost of $70.00 per person.

The Activity Flights are run as a Private cost share operation where all occupants pay an equal share of the cost of the flight. A component of the day's fee will go towards the Activity Flight.

The Centre is also able to offer activity days to Venture units and Rover Crews. These days are tailored to specific units/crews. Contact the Bookings Manager for more information.

Take up the challenge and dare to do something different!

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