If you wonder what it is like to fly an aircraft, have fun, challenge yourself and make new like-minded friends, this opportunity is for you!

In close co-operation with our flying training partner, Altocap Flight School, the Air Activity Centre now offers greater flexibility and options for introductory flying camps and flight experiences. These were originally week-long residential activities set aside exclusively for Venturer Scouts/Guides to provide a thorough introduction to learning to fly.

The revised 'COVID-19 Aware' Air Venture format now operates on a daytime-only basis, delivering five hours of flying training and briefings over three days. In this regard, this revised format is similar to our previous live-in camps with the same number of ground-based aircraft handling activities, the same time in the classroom and, most importantly, the same number of hands-on flying hours with YOU as the pilot!

Since it is not a live-in camp, no overnight accommodation is provided and the days do not have to be consecutive. The camp may include weekends, weekdays during school holidays or any combination. The training days can be spaced a day apart or a week apart, it doesn't matter, the only requirements being :

  • The five, one hour flight lessons are planned to be flown over three days
  • Each day is limited to a minimum of two and a maximum of three participants
  • The same two/three participants fly the same three days and complete their five hour flying training program together.

The Air Venture introductory flying training program is the perfect opportunity for you to give flying a go. The program allows YOU to be a pilot for three days, get a feel for being in command of an aircraft and to determine if this is for you. Whatever the outcome the Scouts NSW, Air Activity Centre will provide you with yet another incredible opportunity, experience and challenge.

Alternatively, if you just want to 'have a go' at flying, you could try our 'Venturer Flight Experience'

Enquire now by email using the button to the right, or grab an info pack and application form from the downloads page (top right of screen).

"The moment I turned 15, I signed up for the January Air Venture Flying Camp. I got to make cool new friends who all liked flying and aviation. The camp gave me the opportunity to make my dream come true, flying a real aircraft. It was the best week of my whole entire life! I can’t even quantify the amount of excitement and thrill I got out of it."

Charlie Kipping, 1st North Rocks Venturers

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