Activity days are your opportunity to be a part of the action!

Camden Airport offers a full day of activity from 8:30am and depending on the number of visitors on the day will finish at around 3pm.

The day commences with an opening flag parade and mandatory safety briefing prior to your action-packed day. Our trained volunteer team of Activity Leaders will run an engaging, entertaining and educational program tailored for your different age groups.


Aircraft Pre-Flight Inspection
An up-close inspection of all the various components of the Scouts Cessna 172 aircraft that you will fly in, will be provided by your Scout Activity Leader pilots. This is your chance to ask all those questions you always wanted to ask!

Further interactive classroom sessions are tailored to each age group for the achievement of a Cub Level 2, Flight badge or Scout Explorer Level, Air Activities badge. These explanatory sessions cover aspects such as aeroplane components, theory of flight, the phonetic alphabet, influence of weather, the 24‐hour clock and aircraft identification.

Live-Airside Tour
Step onto the active side of Camden airport where all the action happens. Our ground safety crew will discuss with you and guide you past the control tower, airport weather station, taxi‐ways, aeroplane and emergency services hangars and refuelling station.

Activity Flight
The eagerly awaited highlight of the day!
Collect your boarding pass and take‐off in one of Scouts Australia’s own aeroplanes. With your own headset, each passenger can listen to the pilot as they communicate with the control tower and other aircraft. The flight will take you on a scenic journey way above the surrounding landscape usually to Warragamba Dam and the edge of the Blue Mountains before returning to land at Camden Airport. In flight, your pilot will provide a commentary and explanation of aircraft controls and procedures when possible. The flight usually takes around 25 minutes.

Flight Simulators
The Air Activity Centre has a number of PC-based flight simulators where Scouts and Cubs may take the controls and try their own skills at landing a plane ! Simulators require supervision and will be offered for use if time and leaders are available.

Have a picnic!
There are free gas BBQ facilities to use or bring your own lunch, throw a blanket on the grass and have a picnic.  We have coffee/tea and soft drinks available and Air Activity Centre merchandise for sale too!


The costs for an Air Activity Day at Camden are listed below*:

Joey Fun Day:$75.00 per person
Cub Badge Course:$75.00 per person
Scout Badge Course:$75.00 per person
Girl Guide Activity Days:$75.00 per person

*Prices subject to change

Parents, Siblings and Friends are invited to fully participate in the badge days at a cost of $75.00 per person. Adults who do not fly can participate in the ground activities at no cost.

Please note the Activity Flights are run as a private cost-share operation where all occupants of the aircraft including the pilot, pay an equal share of the cost of the flight. A component of the day’s fee will go towards the Activity Flight.

The Centre is also able to offer activity days to Venturer and Rover Units. These days are tailored to specific unit requirements. Contact the Air Activities Coordinator for more information.

Take up the challenge and dare to do something different!

Activity Days

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